Wrapping Up Week 8 (2016-17)

weekly wrap-up
This was a week for making memories, which meant school was pared down to just the basics, and we focused on time with family.  Grandma and Grandpa met us at the beach one day helped the kids boogie board, collect shells, dig in the sand, and jump waves.  I have to admit, it was tempting to just stay home and crank out school work since I already had big plans for later in the week, but I know we won’t always have the grandparents around, and I want to be sure my kids get as much time with them as possible.  We had a great day, and I was glad we’d made the effort to get everyone down there for a few hours.

Ian and Elijah attended a two-day music camp to focus on reading music and improving their skills playing with a handchime choir, so on one of those days I took the preschoolers to Disneyland to have a special time with just them.  Then Daddy and I took the big boys together a few days later to do the “big kid” rides and things that would interest them.  Splitting it up gave everyone a chance to do what they wanted, and we had a wonderful time making memories with the kids.

Memory Week Collage
During the days we were home, the boys got through the math, spelling, and Bible they needed to do for the entire week, and I gave them just a couple days’ worth of grammar so they can split one week of work over two. (Since we’ve got a couple days planned out of town with our other grandpa during which I’d like to keep schoolwork to a minimum.)  They also did one key word outline from All Things Fun and Fascinating since we started it late and I’d like to try to get all the way through it before we finish our school year.


Image result for liberty's kidsThe one subject I did actually spend some time on was history, mostly because I was eager to dive into the next chapter of The Light and the Glory for Children.  In “No King But King Jesus” we read about the tension that built between the colonists and the English monarchs over several generations.  After reading about the Boston Tea party, we watched the first episode of Liberty’s Kids.  There are 40 episodes altogether, which I’ve scheduled to watch as they correlate with our reading over the next few months.  (My kids have watched part of the series before and loved it, but this time I want to be more intentional about really getting the most out of the historically accurate parts of each episode.)  I love studying the history of our country with my kids!

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