The Olympics are Here!

The summer I turned 7, the Olympics came to town, and my family attended several different events, just because we could.  I remember my father trying to impress upon me what an awesome opportunity it was, though I was not particularly impressed at the time.  By the time the next Olympics rolled around, however, I had caught on to what a big deal it had been, and ever since I have looked forward to following the exciting stories of these gifted athletes who have made so many sacrifices and worked so hard to come to this point.

This will be the first Olympics my children are old enough to really understand and want to watch with me.  We’ve been watching clips on the NBC Sports Roku channel and learning about various athletes, particularly those who have been outspoken about their faith.  Ian has been fascinated by the wide variety of sports and has enjoyed learning about new ones.

We’re not doing any formal schoolwork around the Olympics (though there are plenty of ideas out there), but we’re using it as a jumping off point for exploring lots of subjects.  We’re already looking up countries on the globe, discussing the various flags and national anthems, learning about different sports, and appreciating the dedication and hard work of the athletes.  And we’re counting down the minutes till the Opening Ceremony and looking forward to the next couple weeks!

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