My kids don’t like to read.

Just writing that feelings like an admission of failure.

That’s not so much because I’m a homeschool mom, as it is because I come from a family that loves to read and I can’t figure out for the life of me why my boys don’t choose to spend time reading.

“Yeah, well, they’re boys,” people comfort me.  I don’t buy it.  My brother loved to read.

“Give it time.”  I have my doubts, but I’m clinging to this one, hoping it will prove true.

I’m also hoping by the time I get to child #5 I’ll have figured out what I’m doing wrong.

Here’s #3 giving me a little hope.


I just found her like this, all on on her own, with the stack of books she’d “already read” next to her, pleased as punch that she was able to read at least a little bit.

Thanks, Arianna, for reassuring me that I’m not a total failure at raising bibliophiles.