The Princess Twins and the Tea Party (Book Review)

In a house full of brothers, I try to find little ways to help my only daughter celebrate being a girl.  And what could be more girly than princesses and a tea party?  We were recently given a chance to review The Princess Twins and the Tea Party by Mona Hodgson.  It’s beginning reading book (I Can Read! Level 1) that hopefully Arianna will be able to read to herself soon.  For now, she was content to have me read it to her over and over.

Twin princesses Emma and Abby are having friends over for a tea party, and Emma is concerned about having everything “perfect.”  She checks up on the cook baking their treats, fixes the napkins that she doesn’t think were folded correctly, escorts the puppy out of the room, and worries about the name cards her sister is bringing.  Abby reminds her, “Only God is perfect,” and encourages her to just enjoy the party.  Fortunately, Emma takes her sister’s words to heart, and when things don’t go quite as planned, she’s able to laugh about it and have a good time anyway.

It’s a simple message, but such a great lesson to learn at a young age.  Having been a bit of a perfectionist myself, growing up, I still remember one of my teachers taking me aside to encourage me that sometimes I would have to let go of that need to be perfect or I would make myself miserable.  Her words have always stuck with me, and I think this charming little book will help teach young girls this important lesson in a fun way.

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