Summer “Unschooling”

We are most definitely NOT “unschoolers.”  I think it’s an intriguing idea and it seems to work really well for some families, but I enjoy planning too much to be able to be comfortable with such an approach.  However, once we’ve finished up everything I wanted to accomplish for the year, I find that we fall into a pattern that feels a lot like unschooling.

Ian has been systematically going through the books on our science shelves this week, devouring books on the solar system, animals, and the human body.  He’s spent more time reading to himself voluntarily in the last five days than he had in the whole month before that.  Both boys have been building amazing contraptions with K’NEX, disappearing into their playroom for hours at a time.

I have worked hard to provide an environment that fosters learning, even when I’m not intentionally doing anything.  Our school holidays are a time for me to get caught up on things, reorganize, and let my kids enjoy some freedom.  I’m thankful that they use some of that time to continue learning and diving deeper into subjects that interest them.  I’m not ready to follow this pattern year-round, but I think it’s a delightful way to spend the summer.