A Chance to Breathe… Our School Year’s Done!

No more weekly wrap-ups for a while–we are officially done!  Well, kind of.  We just finished up Week 34, which means only 170 days of school behind us (“only”), but since the boys’ writing class is continuing for a few more weeks, plus we have a couple other educational days planned, I’m celebrating a little early.  Ian got through his final his history and math lessons this past week, and the kids Friday music classes are over for the semester.  That means all of our scheduled curriculum for the 2015-2016 school year has been completed.

So what now?  Do the kids just roam wild and go crazy in front of screens for the next few months?  Nothing like it.  I wouldn’t consider us “Year Round Homeschoolers,” but we don’t ever completely stop.  Summers for us are a chance to breathe, to explore more non-traditional studies (like our astronomy course), and to spend lots of time in constructive play.  We’ll continue reviewing various products, drilling facts on xtramath.org, and I’m sure several trips to the Natural History Museum are on the horizon (where we have a pass this year).  Apart from that, I expect to see lots of creative building projects and many trips to the library.

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