Spring goodies–FREE gifts from The Old Schoolhouse!

Spring is here!  Time for gardens, spring cleaning, and a little soul refreshment, don’t you think?

I have been so blessed by The Old Schoolhouse over the last few years.  When I first started exploring homeschooling, they were my go-to source for product reviews, and I devoured every issue of the magazine on which I could get my hands.  I joined The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew a little over two years ago, and that has been a huge blessing to our family as we get to try out different products and share with you what we think of them.

Now it’s YOUR turn to be blessed!  Members of the Review Crew got to choose three digital products to share with our readers for FREE!  I chose 3 products I either love already or want to check out myself this spring:

KeepingtheGardenKeeping the Garden

“For the garden-lover or wannabe … You’ll be inspired by over 100 pages of articles on organizing your garden, saving seeds, growing herbs, keeping pests at bay, recipes for your own produce, and so much more!”

I would definitely fall in the “wannabe” category, having never successfully grown ANYTHING.  I’m looking for inspiration and tips to help me take baby steps toward growing some of our own food.

NaturalCleaningPlannerThe Molly Green Naturally Clean Planner

Growing up,there was a brief season when my family’s financial situation meant my brother and I had a few housecleaning duties, but for most of my childhood all that was expected of me around the house was making sure my room was picked up in preparation for the cleaning lady’s visit.  My mom was a teacher, and having help with housecleaning was one way she kept herself sane.

That was great for me at the time, but now that I have my own home I feel woefully unprepared for taking care of it.  I have been looking for help getting organized, and I’m hoping this planner will help me take a step in the right direction.  I’m also looking forward to trying out some of the recipes for natural cleaners.

HeymamadevosHey Mama! 31 Day Devotional

Last year I used the Hey Mama! Planner, and by far my favorite thing about it was the encouraging notes from TOS publisher, Gena Suarez, that went with each month.  I really looked forward to the supportive, uplifting messages she shared.

Now Gena has put together a devotional to bless you each day for an entire month.  The Hey Mama! 31 Day Devotional will remind you each day to take a moment to rest in God’s truth about who you are and who He has called you to be.

Any of those items pique your interest?  Just click on the links and put any or all of these items in your cart, entering code DJCREW16 at check out to get them FREE!  This code will be good for the whole month of April.  While you’re there, check out the other encouraging and helpful resources that are available!