A Believe Devotional for Kids by Randy Frazee (Book Review)

I’ve recently begun checking out various devotional books to use with my children.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for (or what was out there), so I wanted to explore several options.  My most recent opportunity came with a chance to review A Believe Devotional for Kids: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus: 90 Devotions by Randy Frazee.

Although this devotional is part of a larger program with which I am completely unfamiliar, it also can be used by itself.  Right off the bat I was impressed with the quality of this book.  It is a beautiful hardcover with thick glossy pages and gorgeous illustrations by Steve Adams.  Every page spread has at least a small picture, and most have stunning full page pictures in bold, vibrant colors sure to catch the attention of anyone who picks up the book.

As far as content, each page follows a typical devotional pattern: Scripture verse, food for thought (usually about 3-5 paragraphs), and a prayer.  Because I’m not familiar with the Believe program, I wasn’t quite sure of the deeper meaning behind the organization of ideas, but that didn’t really affect my reading of each devotion.  I could easily use this with my younger elementary age children, and I think older children and even teens would find the devotions thought provoking.  These weren’t just fluffy, feel-good moments to think about Jesus, but deeper prompts toward spiritual growth.

If your church is going through the Believe campaign, you will absolutely want to get this devotional for your kids.  Even if you’re not, I think it’s a fabulous tool for discipleship.  It makes me want to check out Believe Kids’ Edition: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus and the Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus to get even more out of it.

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