Wrapping Up Weeks 19 and 20

Weekly Wrap Up 2015-16
Our last two weeks of school before Christmas were mostly about reaching the milestones I had in my yearly lesson plan book.  In addition to finishing our regular math and history lessons, we learned about several holidays and did a lot of memory work (times tables and history time line) as we drove about town, enjoying several “field trips” before the schools let out for the holiday.

Our family has enjoyed learning about Hanakkuh over the last couple years, and the kids always look forward to a night of celebration with friends at church.

On St. Lucia Day (December 13) we read about the Swedish traditional celebrations (part of my heritage), and Arianna dressed up.

On one unusually warm day we headed to the beach with Grandma and Grandpa (throwing in some lessons on erosion and gravity while we were there).

We also spent a few hours at one of our favorite children’s museums.

IMG_20151214_101855x IMG_20151214_111247x IMG_20151214_112629x IMG_20151214_113438x IMG_20151214_122346x
The kids had fun putting on their own “Christmas pageant” and acting out the visit of the wise men.

DSCN0990x DSCN0992x
And after our 100th day of school (woohoo!) we joined some friends and headed “Back to Bethlehem,” enjoying a fun family evening at a church that recreates the setting of Jesus’ birth, complete with animals, a town market, dancing, and of course, Baby Jesus.

DSCN0998x DSCN1000x  DSCN1012x DSCN1020x

So the last two weeks may not have looked like our typical school schedule, but we’ve had a lot of fun learning opportunities, and I’m thankful once again for the flexibility of homeschooling.  Now we’re looking forward to a week visiting with cousins, celebrating Christ’s birth, and hopefully resting and recharging.

Merry Christmas!