Wrapping Up Week 13 (2015-16)

Weekly Wrap Up 2015-16
 We really eased back into school as we started up our second term, mostly because we decided to head out on a road trip for the next week and I didn’t want to get in too deep before that.

The only big change we had for this term was in science, as we moved onto Our Planet Earth, another of the three books in God’s Design for Heaven and Earth.  Ian read the first two lessons out loud to me as we drove, and then we had a great discussion about how everything we see originally came from materials God put on the earth.  Ian wanted to try to make his own cement (I wasn’t quite up to that), and we learned about how glass is made (with a clip from Some Assembly Required).

We got through a pretty normal week of school without any extras because we were getting ready for our trip.  Then we drove overnight from Southern California to Albuquerque, where we had a blast at the ABQ BioPark Zoo.  I was so impressed with the animals at the zoo (zoos that size around us don’t have any of the big feature animals, so I was pleasantly surprised to find elephants, giraffes, tigers, and so much more), and the kids were all SO excited to get so close them, especially Nico, who hasn’t been to a zoo since he was a tiny baby.  Then we walked through the aquarium marveling over more of God’s wonders, and finally wrapped up the day by exploring the amazing Children’s Fantasy Garden (part of the Botanic Garden).  It was an awesome day of learning all around, so I don’t feel too badly that I didn’t pack much school work for next week.  I’m anticipating lots of sun learning days.

ABQ BioPark 1 ABQ BioPark 2 ABQ BioPark 3 ABQ BioPark 4ABQ BioPark 5

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