Our Newest Addition!

We started out on Monday planning on squeezing in one last week before taking some time off to get ready for our baby in September.  All those plans went out the window when my water broke the day I hit 36 weeks.  Within a few hours, a sweet baby boy was in my arms and my older kids had the week off school!

NathanielIt’s been a bumpy road.  Coming 4 weeks early meant Nathaniel’s lungs were still immature, and within the first hour he was whisked off to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) because he was struggling to breathe normally.  At first we hoped he would only be there for a day or so, but as the week progressed, we experienced a few small setbacks, and today I am heading home without him.

Through it all, the Lord has been our refuge, and He has surrounded us with the love, support, and prayers of friends and family.  I am resting secure in the “peace that passes understanding,” looking forward to the day we can bring Nathaniel home to meet his brothers and sister.  And when I get frustrated that he’s not in my arms, I remind myself that if all had gone according to schedule, he wouldn’t be anyway.  This way I get to heal from my fifth c-section on my own and by the time he gets home I’ll be feeling much better and I’ll be able to focus on this sweet little man.


  • My baby grandson had a long NICU journey last year, and made it through some rough issues because of God’s touch. The prayers of others meant so much to us at that time. I will keep you and your precious Nathaniel in my prayers.

  • Heather

    i love your attitude toward all of this. I wasn’t there at all my first time through a NICU baby, but maybe the second time we were there.