Jesus Loves Me, This I Know…

I was going to make this a “Wordless Wednesday” post, but I don’t know that I’m capable of refraining from words completely.  I just thought I’d take some time between reviews to share a cute moment from a few days ago.

Nico sings to himself constantly, throwing in the few words he can say and just babbling the rest.  By 18 months he was humming several recognizable tunes, and his repertoire has grown over the last few months.  The other day I heard him singing “Jesus Loves Me,” and when I glanced over at him I realized he had found his great-grandfather’s Bible in a stack of books I was trying to find a place for, and he was sitting there contentedly, flipping through the pages as he sang.

Little ones to Him belong
Little ones to Him belong… Indeed.  This boy just melts my heart on a daily basis!