Tomorrow’s our big moving day, but since we’re only going a couple miles, we’ve slowly been taking small things over for the the last three days.  I’m anticipating a LONG day tomorrow with no chance for the little ones to get in a decent nap, so rather than waking them up when people come to start loading the truck at 7am, I thought we’d attempt a slumber party at the new house.

So we ordered pizza, watched a movie on my laptop (praise the Lord for successful Internet installation today!), and broke out the sleeping bags.  Nico went down fine in the portable crib in his room (where he’s napped the last two days), and the three older kids and I are crashing in sleeping bags in the living room.  They’re already starting to drift off, but it may be a long night on the floor for this pregnant mama.

My heart is bursting with gratitude…

  • for the blessing of this house
  • for the friends who are sacrificing their Saturday to help us
  • for a strong marriage that’s weathering the stress of moving
  • for the resolution of several minor health issues that popped up in the last week
  • for the precious children sleeping next to me tonight
  • and especially for the Lord’s indescribable love and the grace He pours out upon us each day.