Almost there…

Today was the day we originally were scheduled to move, but circumstances beyond our control required us to postpone it another week.  I was frustrated by the delay at first, but having a little extra time did allow me a bit of much needed breathing room this week.  This afternoon I packed up my last box of books.

I can’t decide whether this sight is depressing because the shelves look so empty, or hopeful because I know they’ll filled again someday soon.  (Though I must admit, the exhaustion of packing has made me feel like I need a few months off before I unpack.  I’m hoping my nesting instinct kicks in soon so that at least most of it gets done before the baby arrives in September.)

I am so thankful for the blessing of our new house, and I know this week will fly by and we’ll be feeling at home before I know it.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!