The January Revamp

IMG_20141229_113024-SMILEAs we headed back to school on Monday, I realized I’ve made quite a few changes in what we’re doing.  Nothing major, but lots of little things added up to this feeling that we were starting something new.  I think I did the same thing last year when we came back from Christmas break.  This year I’m making an intentional effort to lighten things up and make things easier for both the kids and myself.

We’ve dropped a lot of extra history reading, and we’ve added Spelling You See back into our regular day schedule.  (I don’t even really remember why we’d dropped it.  I think it was because of the holidays.)

I’ve stopped beating myself up about not doing Bible lessons first thing in the morning.  Our kids get plenty of Bible in the evenings with our family.  So instead of trying to do something academic related to the Bible in the mornings, I’ve decided to put on a Bible video while the kids eat breakfast so they start their day thinking about the Lord, but without trying to fit in a second Bible time each day.

I’m also trying to make it a priority to go to the library each week so my preschoolers can enjoy story time, and we’ve started doing a park day with other homeschool friends right after that.

I don’t know if this is just going to be the way things are every year, doing a total revamp over the Christmas break, but think the changes we’ve made are good.  I’m looking forward to settling into our new routine and seeing how the rest of our school year turns out.