Advent 2014 – Day 2

Advent 2014

Daily Theme (from the Jesse Tree LEGO Challenge): Jesse Tree (focusing on the prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament and the people’s anticipation of the Savior)


Baby Jesus is Born by Juliet David (for Arianna)

The Light of Christmas by Dandi Daley Mackall (for Elijah)

P1020337Now that it’s December, our Advent celebration is in full swing (since a few of our activities just start on December 1 regardless of when Advent really begins, which is the fourth Sunday before Christmas).  There are several things we do each day, and we’ve found it works best to have one child do them all on his or her special day.  Today was Ian’s turn, so he got to open a door on our wooden Advent calendar, place the item he found inside wherever he chose, hang our Jesse Tree ornament, light the candle on our Advent wreath during Bible Time, and blow it out after prayers.  (This picture is from last year, when we’d already opened several items.  Right now it only has one star, but Ian did put it in the exact same corner.)  Elijah and Arianna got to open our books (above), and we read them throughout the day.

P1040947xWe started the Jesse Tree LEGO Challenge from Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker, using it to kick off our family Bible Time in the evening.  First we read the Scripture together, and then hung the day’s ornament on the small tree in our school room that acts as our Jesse Tree.  By the time we get to Christmas, it will tell the whole story of Jesus.

Today the building project was a stump.  Ian also included a mini-figure as the shoot coming out of the stump.  Since we’d talked about how the shoot represented Jesus, he wanted a person.

We let the kids build while we read from Jotham’s JourneyWe closed by praying and singing several verses of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” focusing on this one:

O come, Thou Rod of Jesse’s stem
From ev’ry foe deliver them
That trust Thy mighty power to save,
And give them vict’ry o’er the grace.
Rejoice! Rejoice!  Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel!