Bible Time: Thanksgiving Devotional

We’re taking a break from our normal nightly devotional and instead use our Bible Time to focus on the holidays through a Scriptural lens.  Last night we started using a Thanksgiving Devotional  I wrote for this week and thought I’d share it in case any other families could be blessed by it.  I only wrote up six days because I’m sure we’ll take one night off (we’re celebrating 2 nights in a row with different parts of the family).   It’s nothing fancy (maybe next year I’ll expand on it a little), but I’d thought I’d share  anyway.

In addition to Scripture passages, I used three books from our Thanksgiving collection (see below), but they’re not essential.  You could easily just use the Bible readings each night.  (I used the ESV, which uses “steadfast love” for the Hebrew word “chesed,” which we talked about the first night. Other than that, the translation shouldn’t matter too much.)  One night does talk a bit about the Pilgrims, but any basic book about their story (or just telling the story yourself) would work.


Happy Thanksgiving!