Katy No-Pocket

We had a pretty simple week with Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne.  The manual had lots of good ideas for discussions, so that was how we spent the bulk of our time.  Since we’ve been spending a lot of time preparing for the arrival of our little Arianna, it was a good time to talk about all the different ways to carry a baby.  We looked at pictures from when the boys were little of them in slings, wraps, backpacks, or just being carried in arms (we don’t use strollers much).  Ian also really liked the part of the book where the man dumped all his tools out.  He tried to name them all and we talked about how each one could be used.

We also did a couple activities from HomeschoolShare.  I got out the cards from the Animal Classification Cards Set II .  We never grouped them, but the boys had a lot of fun looking through them, naming the animals, and reading the facts about them.  Ian also loved making a game out of the Animal Homes Matching Cards from Kizclub, which we found through HSS.  (There’s also a game similar to this on the Peep and the Big Wide World website, so he was familiar with the whole concept and figured out the matches the first time without any help from me.)

Like I said, it was a pretty simple week, but the boys enjoyed the story.  I’m going to try to do a couple more Before Five in a Row stories before the baby comes, but if we don’t get to them, we’ll pick them up again in the new year.